Paris (EDP) review – an ode to City of Lights

paris edp ysl review

Perfume name: Paris

Concentration: Eau de parfum (EDP)

House: Yves Saint Laurent

Initial notes:

Paris EDP by YSL is constructed on idea of powder, lots of powder, dense and arousing.

Flowers – resembles the queen of the night, with Bulgarian scent of roses.

Metallic smell, sharp, initial sugary notes.

Citrus (I don’t know of which). As far as I’m concerned, it’s like a recently squeezed lemon, combined with bergamot.

Crushed plants, mowed grass, as summer smells, in a hot heat.

A little vanilla.

Middle notes:

More vanilla.

Roses are getting very strong – a strong quality of Paris EDP by YSL known as the most powerful Rose scent.

Naphthaline (my grandmother had a fur coat, which smelled like this).

The smell begins to send with the thought of the sweetness of roses (I miss her so much).

Paris EDP by YSL stays in this middle phase for a very long time. The feeling created is one of good and familiar elements (you feel like you know the smell).

For a long time you’ll get the same smell of roses.

Base notes:

Vanilla begins to feel quite a lot, mixed with citrus and musk (Chance,  Light Blue).

The flowers in Paris EDP by YSL, which were initially in the center of attention, go very far behind, leaving room for vanilla (I don’t know how natural it is. Given the not very high price of perfume, the ingredients used may not be an expression of the natural).

There’s a smell of skin, similar to the one you perceive when you smell a newly bought bag.


After many hours of wearing, you’ll feel that famous smell of lime specific to Paris EDP by YSL.

It’s not going to smell like lime tea, where the flowers were macerated, but like that may smell, when lime shears are in bloom in Bucharest. The lime in Paris EDP by YSL is accompanied by a fine lemon smell.

The feeling offered is a strong sense of cleanliness. I’d dare say this is the most beautiful phase of perfume. Perhaps the most current and modern.

It is, indeed, crazy to buy a perfume for which beauty you will have to wait many hours.

There is, however, the opposite of this situation: when a perfume smells delightful initially, then turn into a little monster, which will annoy you all day.


A fine, vaporous fragrance that will leave behind a suave gift of flowers. Although centered around betrayals, as a fundamental agreement, perfume does not fall within the same sphere as Stella  or  Chloe. Paris EDP by YSL is part of another league, a little out dated, but appreciated by the connoisseurs.


Both variants (EDP and EDT) give you an incredible longevity (I own a perfume water bought in 2018). If you use the same perfume, Paris EDP by YSL  will be like a good and faithful friend.

He will accompany you pretudinden, dressing you in an aura that will create curiosity among others.

If you change your perfume every day, you will discover the splendor of Paris EDP by YSL when you put your things in the washing machine: the clothes given with this perfume will smell even after they have been mixed with others in the basket with dirty things.

This discovery will make you wonder why you don’t wear Paris by YSL more often.

Initial sensation:

A strong but not disturbing fragrance, built on the theme of roses, without being modern, in the current meaning (see: Montale,  Frederic Malle  or  Francis Kurkdjian).

I didn’t really understand why it’s called Paris  (you can read the legends about Yves Saint Laurent and his desire to pay homage to the city of lights witha perfume. How much truth or marketing policy is behind this story, only poor Yves can know.)

I (weirdly, I know) smell st. Petersburg, Ana Karenina. He sinned behind the idea of the innocence of the rose. A childhood mixed with an overflowing sensuality.

It’s nothing like Portrait of a Lady.

The reaction of others:

A lot of people will ask you, “What perfume are you wearing?”

Don’t take it as a compliment. Few are the honest ones who will tell you their opinion. Many will be intrigued by the smell, because now it is not such a used perfume. They’ll just be curious.

When I wore this perfume for the first time, I had it in the EDT version, in the bottle that had the pink-cyclam cap. I used to go to my mom’s after work for lunch. I was sitting there for about two hours, during which time I smoked hard. My mother’s friend knew I was there after the smell of Paris by YSL, which stayed in the air for a long time as I was leaving.

My grandmother, however, asked me dryly: “And you used that colony, the one that smells like a barber?”

It’s worth the money if:

You like roses and their smell.

You’re a fan of Yves Saint Laurent’shouse.

You want to have a legendary perfume that was worn in the ’80s.

You want a perfume with a reasonable price, but with a niche smell.

YSL Beauty – official perfume page

Nicoleta S.

paris edp ysl review
paris edp ysl review
paris edp ysl review
paris edp ysl review