J’Adore EDP by Dior- A French “Je ne sais quoi”

J’Adore EDP by Dior is one of the most famous creations of the house, even though nowadays the niche division seems to make its way to the top of the preferences.

The house website presents the perfume as the iconic perfumery image, composed of superior materials such as Rosa Damascena, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, all with a hint of fruits and sweetness.

Read here the house presentation (in English): J’Ador by Dior.

J’Adore EDP by Dior has longtime fans buying the perfume as a pure treasure. The perfume evolution marks the apparition of several flankers, and I need to mention here J’Adore L’Or, which is a perfect creation that delivers from dawn till dusk waves and waves of happiness.

Concentration: Eau de Parfum (EDP)

House: Christian Dior

Initial notes:

At first glance, J’Adore EDP by Dior gives you the feeling that you are smelling a high-quality shampoo made to uplift your senses. There is a beautiful combination of clean, aquatic notes and fruity sweetness.

I was surprised to realise that some perfume and J’Adore EDP by Dior is one of them, smells at home different from what they sense in the store. The problem is not that you have bought a fake, but the pure fact that hundreds of perfumes in the department of perfumery realise their notes in the air. So it is a little bit of chaos what you smell there, plus the lights that can put you in a happy mood.

The most prominent note is the melon that delivers until the perfume’s end, late at night. Overlapping it won’t rice the potency and won’t let you see how beautiful can be the drydown when the aroma almost vanishes.

Be aware, though, that this is not a summer creation meant to be worn on the beach (even though I disagree with labeling perfumes, and you can wear whatever you want on the beach!).

Middle notes:

After the first 20-30 minutes, J’Adore EDP by Dior becomes sweeter (this sensation is not coming from vanilla) and, surprisingly, more and more potent, shifting to a more mature side that will grow on you. My nose can detect neroli, though this is not mentioned on the Dior house website or Fragrantica.

At this stage, J’Adore EDP by Dior achieves a powdery side, deep and haunting, that will stay with you for a very long time.

Flowery aspect is one of this scent features, and in the middle notes can be felt a soft note of tuberose (I must say it now, for the first time since I have started to write on my blog, that tuberose is my favorite flower and its smell has the ability to transport me in a fairy tale) accompanied by a deep odor of jasmine.

Middle notes in J’Adore EDP by Dior tend to stay for almost an eternity, convincing about the tremendous quality of this perfume (I really have no idea if Dior is using the jasmine picked from their field in Grasse).

Base notes:

When we are talking about base notes, J’Adore EDP by Dior is one of the rare perfumes that keep their bone, offering the wearer a beautiful simplicity and bringing middle notes until the final stage.

There is something indescribable in this creation that, I think, is quite unique: a softness and an elegance that will attract many compliments.

This is the faze when vanilla is more pronounced, walking together with the musk and conducting to something hard to describe – a very clean and aquatic scent, combined with fruits, powder and vanilla.

Being a masterpiece, the scent of J’Adore EDP by Dior is almost impossible to be put into words.

Believe it or not, J’Adore EDP by Dior is a classic.


Late in the night, and only if you restrained yourself from over-applying it, this wonderful aroma rewards you with a bewildering sensation of wellness. Maybe this fact is coming from the comforting smell of musk; I have no idea (but I tend to say it is the musk because I have the same beautiful experience with Chance by Chanel).


In terms of sillage, J’Adore EDP by Dior is not a beast (like Angel by Thierry Mugler) but will leave a soft class trail behind you.  The scent will be smelled by people around you in the first 3 hours, enveloping the air with its fruity-flowery whiff.


Persistence is the best aspect of J’Adore EDP by Dior , and this is surprising considering that this perfume is not an oriental one (most of this category of smells being known to have durability).

J’Adore EDP by Dior will be on you even after a shower and on your clothes after washing them, a fact the perfume lovers try to achieve.

Initial sensation:

As I said before, J’Adore EDP by Dior has this unusual characteristic to smell like a quality shampoo. Since its apparition, I was in love with this odor, but I have waited 20 years to buy it. Why? Well, whenever I was in store, trying something new or old, J’Adore was on my list to be smelled. Unfortunately, my husband was not a fan of J’Adore EDP by Dior , but one day, after so many, many years, seeing me smelling it and trying it, he brought it to me as a present on Valentine’s Day.

As you can see, some are not blown away by J’Adore EDP by Dior, but this won’t hurt you if you try it.

The reaction of others:

J’Adore is the most complimented perfume, and I mean, everybody asked me what I was wearing and the fragrance’s name. Literally, if I would consider only the people’s reaction, J’Adore would be the only scent I should wear.

It’s worth the money if:

You want something classic that can be worn the whole year and at all events.

You want a signature perfume that can tell others that you are there.

You are on a budget: J’Adore is a wise spent.

Official page on Christian Dior website: J’Adore and its flankers.

With love,

Nicoleta S.

J'Adore Dior EDP Review

J'Adore Dior EDP Review

J'Adore Dior EDP Review

J'Adore Dior EDP Review

J'Adore Dior EDP Review

J'Adore Dior EDP Review

J'Adore Dior EDP Review

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