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A while ago, I saw two guys (Wafts from The Loft – who are, in my humble opinion, outstanding perfume reviewers) speaking on YouTube about my favorite perfume house: Guerlain.

Right at the beginning of the video, the guy with glasses mentioned something that made my day. Rephrasing, this is what he said: there are three types of perfume houses – designers, niche, and Guerlain.

So, I concluded for myself, a Guerlain is a Guerlain.

My story with Guerlain began almost 22 years ago (you do not need to count down how old I am) when I started to read about perfumes. Back then, I found out that there is a French perfume house that changed completely the way the perfumery is looking today, and its name is Guerlain.

Their Shalimar made history, and it was an outrageous concoction, sexy as hell, and well suited for the jazz era. You will find that Shalimar appeared in some interesting movies.

 In American Horror Story, the character Ramona Royale, interpreted by Angela Basset, wears Shalimar.

(For more information, read on https://borntobeunicorn.com/2016/01/07/american-horror-story-s05e11-battle-royale/

Source: https://borntobeunicorn.com/

In Cargo, a movie about surviving after a zombie apocalypse, the main character comforts his child, who lost his mother, giving him to smell her perfume, a Shalimar EDT.

More than this, Shalimar was the favorite perfume of Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican painter.

Source: https://borntobeunicorn.com/

Yeah! Guerlain is the badass of perfumery.

One of the most sensational perfumes, based on synthetic molecules, is Jicky – born in the same year as Moulin Rouge (http://www.moulinrouge.fr/?lang=en#) and Eiffel Tower (https://www.toureiffel.paris/en).

  Source http://www.moulinrouge.fr/


                                             Source https://www.toureiffel.paris/en

Being the mother and the father of all gourmands, Jicky is centered on vanilla and a fresh smell of lavender, acting as a therapeutic scent – this is the reason you can wear it before bedtime or as a comforting blanket while you are passing on some bad moments of your life. This perfume is a winner – you need to believe me.

I have several Guerlain perfumes, which I am in love with:

L’Insolance – the fruitiest perfume of all time, smelling like a basket of strawberries with sugar and violet scent.

L’Heure Bleue – a huge heliotrope (if you ever smelled the heliotrope in winter, you have been surprised by its unique scent: an almost roasted walnut combined with basmati rice and vanilla).

Mitsouko – the queen of peach. A perfume with such elegance that makes everybody ask me what am I wearing.

Nahema – acting as the most realistic picture of a Rose in its pure form.

Samsara – sexy and sexy, and sexier. Did I say sexy?

Santal Royal – royal, as its name, with a lot of ouds and a sheer veil of sandalwood.

Mes Guerlain(s)!!!!

No matter how much you want to wander into the niche woods searching for perfection and longevity, you will realize very soon that all you need is a Guerlain. Because what is now in the perfumes industry was already made, in some form or another, by Guerlain.

I will tell more about each Guerlain that I have.

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