Youth Dew BY Estee Lauder

Perfume name: Youth Dew

Concentration: Eau de parfum (EDP)

House: Estee Lauder (read on Wikipedia about Estee Lauder’s history and development)

Initial notes:

Youth Dew opens up with cinnamon, coca-cola, toffee, salted caramel, and fried walnuts, accompanied by very little vanilla.

Fine notes of lavender and a little powdered iris.

Nutmeg sprinkled with all the ingredients already mentioned.

It smells oily, dense, reminiscent of a delicious oriental dessert, baklava type.

Pistachio notes, framed by a floral scent, resembles the scent of dwarf magnolia.

Middle notes:

The perfume takes on a metallic hue as if the dessert from the initial notes is in a steel bowl.

The incense becomes predominant conducting the composition to get to the smell of the Orthodox Church.

Vetiver makes its appearance, giving the perfume a natural scent.

After the smell of coca-cola gradually dissipates, that of vanilla will persist for a long time, quite diffuse.

Narcissus (similar to that of Narcisse Noir de Caron) is crossing with a puff of smoke, which strengthens the presence of incense.

Base notes:

The feeling of having a dessert will attenuate considerably, and hereafter Youth Dew will turn into a woody variant, dominated by patchouli.

Oakmoss, located here, sends you, as it were, for a walk through the forest.

Vanilla remains easy to detect, even it is not the center of attention.


Even after many hours, the perfume will maintain its complex and dense appearance.

(I think there are many ingredients in this perfume; therefore, they are absolutely impossible to be detected).

In the current formulation, Youth Dew resembles Opium by Yves Saint Laurent.


Immediately after application, Youth Dew will radiate extremely, for two or three hours, around the wearer.

The perfume will fade and will smell like musk only after many hours of application.


An extremely long-lasting perfume, which will be printed on natural fiber clothes.

Initial sensation:

Youth Dew has a dense, complex, and oily structure.

Indeed, this perfume comes from an era when women wore natural fur clothes.

(I hope this practice is on the verge of extinction).

Youth Dew is a complex composition, like a dessert type.

This fragrance does not belong to the current trend, stating that the gourmet notes dominate the perfumes with sugar and vanilla.

Notes of iris, powdery and soothing (a pleasant therapeutic aspect).

It behaves fascinating if it is tested on the skin (which is recommended).

The paper tester will reveal a dry, old perfume, with sharp notes of vetiver, quite annoying.

The reaction of others:

To make it simple, I have never worn this perfume in public. To be sincere, I have bought it to smell it for myself, without any concern about others’ reaction to it.

My husband noticed the smell and asked me what I was wearing, despite not giving me a positive comment about this perfume.

I bought it after I was fascinated by the history of the Estee Lauder house, knowing that this is the first perfume born from bath oil, created by Miss Lauder to urge women to buy their own perfume.

Worth the money if:

Want a perfume that made history (you can read on the internet about Joan Crawford’s passion for this fragrance).

You are a fan of dense, oriental compositions with strong notes.

Admire you the Estee Lauder house.

Perfume’s official page – Estee Lauder Youth Dew

youth dew
youth dew
youth dew