L’Ete Dernier (Parfum) – Review

l'ete dernier

The following review will present you L’Ete Dernier parfum, a fragrance created by Gallimard, an old and venerated French house. The perfume is a portrait of a well-made floral, combined with dry notes of sand, the smell of summer beach, and an inviting sea.

Perfume’s name:  L’Ete Dernier

Concentration: Perfume

House:  Galimard

Initial notes:

Warmed sand, flowers, and some vanilla. The note of the iris is strong, powdered, and gives the perfume depth (in this phase, it conveys to me a similarity with Chanel no.19 EDP – read more about this on Fragrantica).

L’Ete Dernier parfum has a bitter smell, like sniffing dried herbs for tea – it is not a disturbing sensation, but, on the contrary, comforting. The rose feels fine, combined with citrus fruits. At some point, in this early phase of the perfume, neroli is present, but not as strong as the other flowers.

Justifying the name it bears, L’Ete Dernier behaves extremely refined, just as a luxurious solar lotion, worn on a beach in Saint-Tropez.

Middle notes:

An interesting aspect of this fragrance, which also justifies its quality, is the fact that the middle notes appear quite late.

The sensation of stones, shells, and sand warmed by the strong summer sun becomes strong, placing that perfume in a holiday atmosphere, as it presents itself as the memory of a summer that has passed. The flowers go into the background, leaving room for a note of bitter citrus.

In L’Ete Dernier, vanilla makes its appearance, slowly, enveloping the entire composition in a familiar note, like a big hug. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, but I smell the sea air, but not salty. After about two hours, the perfume gets a tinge of floral soap, making me thinking about J’Adore EDP.

Base notes:

The middle notes will continue for a long time with tenacity, but the fragrance will lose its tinge of floral soap and will become a vanilla expression similar to that of Allure EDT.

In this final vanilla, of L’Ete Dernier, I don’t feel that gourmand looks obvious.

Mixed with the smell of sun-burning skin, with the sun lotion, perhaps with ice cream eaten on the terrace with its eyes looking out to sea, L’Ete Dernier presents itself as a possibility of going back in time, in a summer that can not be forgotten.


Vanilla predominates, accompanied diffusely by the middle notes of the perfume.

The smell of hot sand seems to have disappeared, but not entirely.

It seems to me that in this phase, L’Ete Dernier approaches the smell of Nuxe oil, but is much more temperate, elegant, and finer.

It is a floral scent, with many facets, but as complex or intimidating like Paris by Yves Saint Laurent.


L’Ete Dernier is a safe perfume, suitable for wearing to the office or when you go on a trip and you have to use public transport.

The scent does not diffuse on a large area, being perceptible only when you get close to the person who wears it.


L’Ete Dernier perfume is a very long-lasting perfume on paper – I was surprised that I could still smell it on the tester even after four days of application.

On the skin, it feels until evening, late, but not ready enough that it can be easily perceived by those around.

On the clothes remains a long time, quite pale though.

Initial sensation:

Summer, sun, sea – in a memory.

Like his name, L’Ete Dernier, suggests, the fragrance is not a fresh fragrance, wearable in summer, but rather, autumn or winter, as an olfactory image of last summer.

A fine, fine concoction of flowers, sand, and vanilla, this perfume will offer you a sensation of well being, that you might need in a cold season. All of us need some extra comfort, so this scent brings to you the memory of your last holiday.

A “polite” fragrance that can be adopted extremely easily, elegant enough for a soiree, but good enough to accompany you on a working day at the office.

It is a clean smell, that will be convenient and safe, no matter what your taste in perfume is.

The reaction of others:

It won’t attract the attention of the other, because it’s not a strong or intriguing fragrance.

No one asked me what perfume I was wearing, but no one commented negatively on it.

It’s worth the money if:

Want a niche perfume that costs a little and is pretty original.

Prefer fine, pale, floral smells that develop over time like a dream.

Need a familiar aroma that will give you comfort.

Perfume’s official page: Gallimard

Nicoleta S.

lete dernier
lete dernier
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